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          Company News
          Release time:2017-07-22 13:07:00 Click on the:

          On July 11-13, 2017, California's most international solar technology exhibition is held in Moscone Center,San Francisco,USA.More than a decade, with the exhibition’s footprint, "Made in China" assimilated China into the world rapidly. As a professional manufacturer of solar PV modules in China, Hebei Yiheng Solar Science & Technology Co., Ltd bring heavy new products: Solar PV module assembly line, Three-layer Automatic Laminator, Efficient Automatic Stringer, Automatic Bus-bar Soldering Stringer and many more automatic PV products, which caught the eyes of the industry.

                                      Name:2017 InterSolar North Amercia 
                                      Add:Moscone Center 
                                      Booth No.:#8633A

          On-site introduction of Yiheng team