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          Company News
          Release time:2016-11-19 15:55:00 Click on the:

          Oct 15 2015, Yiheng Tech and Agent in Taiwan attended the 2015 Taiwan International Photovoltaic Exhibition in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

          展會名稱:2015 PV Taiwan 光伏展

          Name2015 Taiwan International Photovoltaic Exhibition


          TimeOct.14th—Oct.16th, 2015


          AddTaipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1


          Booth No.#338

          It is the largest solar photovoltaic exhibition in Taiwan. In 2014, PV Taiwan attracted 435 booths from more than 150 major solar PV manufacturers, attracting nearly 10,000 visitors to the Exhibition. The exhibition will showcase Taiwan's photo electronic industry's innovative R & D energy; Photovoltaic enterprises are competing to participate in the annual solar photovoltaic industry event!

          Both of Yiheng Tech and Taiwan Jiaming warm welcome to visit our Booth.